Staying Motivated During Covid Times


Every competitive runner has faced their spring and even early summer races being cancelled or rescheduled. This obviously causes one to re-shift their training plans. But what about maintaining your motivation? How can you remain motivated when your next targeted race is now at least several months if not more away? How can you manage to run without your favorite running buddy or group? Are your usual routes now populated by casual walkers? Is your work routine altered? Yes, plenty of reasons to loose your motivation to run these days.

Several of my running clients have been asking how they can stay motivated to run during these troubling times. Well, even this running coach has some difficulty staying motivated to train when my next race is many months away. So, following some thought on this question I have identified five ways to stay motivated to train and run during this period.

Five Ways To Stay Motivated

So how can a runner maintain any sense of motivation during these times? Without getting into the psychology of motivation, here are my five ways you as a runner can still either maintain or regain your motivation:

  1. The first and still a can’t miss way is to simply go ahead and enter that race! True the race may be at least several months away but once you’ve paid you will be motivated! An advantage to entering and aiming for a race that seems long into the future is that you can lengthen your training schedule. If you lengthen the training schedule properly, your body will adjust to any increase in distance, speed, strength, etc. in a much safer manner thus, you greatly increase your chances of avoiding any overuse related injury.

  2. Run with a buddy. How do you do this while practicing social distancing? Simple, the same way many people are meeting up for non-running activities. Use technology such as Zoom and Google Hangouts, to agree to meet at a certain time. Each runner at a different place of course. Then do your runs! You may find it easier to digitally disconnect during your run, but you can also agree on a time to reconnect post run to exchange stories of your run.

  3. Change of scenery, distance, or type of run. If you tend not to run trails, run a trail and vise-versa. Take a look at Google Maps of your neighborhood and plot out runs along nearby routes or streets that you have never run before! Instead of doing a long distance run, go for a series of short and faster paced runs. Extend your normal run to a longer distance.

  4. Find a new challenge. Instead of running look at other fitness challenges. Look at trying more strength routines, yoga stretches, or even a bike ride. There are plenty of instructional videos on You Tube channels that will show you how to do these items. Track these items in your running log too! Trade off a few runs during the week to engage your core, build some muscle, stretch those tendons etc. After only a few weeks you will be a better runner!

  5. Work with a running coach! The most popular reason runners seek out the services of a running coach is for the runner to have someone keep them motivated! Sure, most runners think a coach is there to provide a training plan, help the runner become faster, etc, but the fact of the matter is, that without motivation from a coach, the runner will either find it difficult to achieve their goal or simply fall short of their goal.

So, there you have it, The Running Architect’s five ways to stay motivated during this period of social distancing, Covid-19, and just general yucky times. As always, pay attention and adhere to local conditions, recommendations, and restrictions regarding any running or outdoor activities during this time.

If you are willing to offer your feedback on your running motivation ideas via email at, I will provide you with a one time FREE consultation to discuss your motivation. Stay motivated, get out there and run!

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Run Happy and Stay Healthy !
Coach Lee


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