What Do Normal People Do?

showerBeing a marathoner means you are not a part of the normal population for less than 1% of the population ever completes a marathon in a given year.  Being an architect also means you are not among the count as “normal” at least in terms of statistics, we will not even venture to go down the path of other various reasons why architects may not be a part of the “normal” population.  Since you, the readers are normal, you will be able to compute the rarity of an architect who is a part of both select groups!

This week is Marathon Week here in Detroit.  I plan to run the Detroit Marathon this Sunday morning for the 5th time in my long running career.  Yet I hardly feel like a runner this week at all.  In fact I feel just the opposite!  I feel slow, I feel overweight, I feel sluggish, I fee hungry, etc.  I also have more time on my hands to feel these things because I am in the final week of my training also known as the taper mode.  As an experienced runner I know this is exactly how I should be feeling.  It is ironic that the more one feels like a non-runner the odds increase that they will do well during their respective marathon race.  I recall feeling this way in New York City prior to the NYC Marathon in 2008. I also remember thinking how in the world would I ever be able to run let alone a complete marathon that represents one of the most grueling routes in all of the major world marathons!   Well, I did and I also had the best running experience of my entire marathon career!

The taper period is one where the runner decreases the miles, maintains a certain amount of intense running, builds on rest, stores energy by way of proper eating, and generally lets their body get ready behind the scenes to endure the 26.2 mile challenge that awaits.  Thus, there are fewer times to get out and run and when you do run, the runs do not last as long.  Therefore the runner has more time on their hands and starts to become a “Normal Person”.

My normJack-Torrance-e1380042240535al state of mind will not last long as the Detroit Marathon is less than 6 days away from now as I write. But I do plan on a very quick return to the land of Normal after my marathon. We have family birthdays to celebrate and a whole lot of good food and fun await as soon as I do complete my 26.2 miles.  I do plan to take some quiet time off next weekend and enjoy the sights of Northern Michigan and leave my running gear behind.  Now that to me sounds like a real trip to the land of Normal where I hope to learn first hand what normal people do.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and continue to Run Happy!

Coach Lee

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