Today in Taperville

My journeyMoon through this mythical and magical place runners refer to as Taperville continues.  This is my last week, the end is near.  So far all is going to plan. I know this because I no longer feel like a fit runner!

It’s hard to comprehend how I will survive running a full marathon at the end of this week. Yet all signs indicate all should be fine.  During this year I have lost over 15 pounds and my fear is that most of my lost pounds will miss their home and rejoin me during this visit to Taperville.  I am happy to report only a pound or two have decided to return this week.

I find my mind is going crazy making mental notes of items I need to pack for my trip to Chicago. Things most people do not think of taking. Items such as Vaseline,  precooked oatmeal with honey, GU packs, and even my mylar warming blanket from The Brooksie Way finish over a week ago.  Runners should save these blankets to help them keep warm while waiting for the gun to go off in early morning fall races.  I need to think about racing clothes, shoes, socks, and of course the standard issue garbage bag.  No, not to toss my waste into but rather to wear as a pre-race suit.  Many laugh at me for this but many more runners are jealous of me during the final pre-race moments.

Runners refer to this period as “Taper Madness”. A madness like many other madness’s I suppose, cannot be adequately explained but only experienced.

So how appropriate that as I enter this post the moon is full and experiencing a total eclipse this morning.

Continue to Run Happy my friends. Thanks for stopping by y blog today.




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