Marathon Training – Mid June

Friend and business associate, MJ, demonstrating a yoga pose I can only hope to do.
Friend and business associate, MJ, demonstrating a yoga pose I can only hope to do.

I believe the key to success with any plan is to remain flexible.  A week ago my marathon training plan was interrupted for a few days. Not by injury rather more due to life in general.  After my Monday night run on June 9th my legs were dead.  No wonder as I had completed 56 miles and 10 runs during the previous 8 days!  My old body was not use to that. So rather than get out to run the next morning, I took a day off.  The following day weather and our running group’s after glow party took priority. Then Mother Nature was not in a good mood again. So I lost a total of 4 days and only completed 25 of the intended 40+ mile week.  This is where the flexibility comes into play.

Rather than sit idle, I viewed these days as opportunities to do another form of training, yoga. I have been practicing yoga on and off for the past several years since MJ first introduced yoga to our training group more than 5 years ago.


Like running, yoga can be done everyday, but like a new runner, new yogis (especially runner yogis) seldom do these important routines nearly enough.  Back to that first Tuesday of rest, I started that morning with mediation and relaxing stretches.  Before I knew it my time was up and I needed to return to reality.  Over the next several mornings I did other stretches, generally attempting to loosen up my hips and stretch the upper body.

This past week I have returned to a more normal, on-schedule running routine. Unfortunately a few less stretches, but I do feel a difference in my stride and upper body during my runs. So I need to continue to find time for my yoga, not let it slip out of practice and remain flexible.

For more information about MJ, her yoga practice, other challenging poses, and lessons from her please visit her website:

Thanks for taking the time to visit and remember to Run Happy and Namaste




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