Welcome to The Running Architect’s Blog


Good  Morning and welcome to my Blog. With at least a gazillion other blogs  in cyber land today, what makes mine different?  I have yet to find one  that focuses on the comparison of running (particularly distance  running) and architecture.
The two endeavors are very much alike. I hope  by following my postings you will come to understand the strong  relationship between running and architecture. Perhaps one  reason I have yet to find a similar blog site is that runners and  architects are each a small percentage of the general population.  Among  the 308 million Americans, only 233,000 (less than 1%) are architects.

There are comparable numbers of runners who compete in a marathon each  year too. Thus the number of architects who also compete in a marathon  is an extremely small percentage of the population.  I am both lucky and  proud to be a member of this very small and special group.
Thanks for your  visit today and I hope you become a regular follower of this site,  perhaps a new runner, or best of all, a runner and a client!
Run Happy!

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